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My Sacred Feminine Meditation Revelation

It’s been quite a while now since I sent out a newsletter. I have decided to change all that into a blog, hoping to keep in touch more often. For those of you who know me and have done work with me in the past, you will know that love and healing are really what I am most about. All the rest of it, the readings, the workshops, the art is the decoration but healing is the real ‘cake’.

For most of my life, starting out as a child, the driving force propelling me forward in the world has been warrior energy. It seems that I have always been taking up the cause of mistreated animals, children, old people and anyone who didn’t have a voice. Over the years that has led me to doing volunteer work with women’s shelters, working on the crisis lines and helping in hospice.

In my healing and spiritual work, the focus for me was and still is empowering women to be the best that they can be and helping them to heal from past trauma. It has been an uphill battle in a society that puts most of its attention on commerce and acquisition and I know that I have received derision and scorn over the years, not to mention that my sanity has been in question by many, including close family members and loved ones.

Sound familiar? I’m not wringing out the crying towel here, just using it as a prelude to what I am about to tell you.

Soul Painting of the Sacred FeminineOver the past few years I have been doing a series of paintings representing the sacred feminine in all her varied and wondrous forms. In preparation for the next one that I will be painting, as I always do, I sat in meditation/contemplation yesterday before commencing this particular painting. This is what spirit brought through to me and I thought to share with you as I feel it so relevant for where we are today in the world right now.

“Oh Beloved Spirit – what a spell you have cast on my consciousness this day. I have experienced your challenges first-hand, have felt your grace but what is now rearing its head to me is something so unfathomable in my experience. It is like the long sleeping Krakon coming up from the depths of somewhere primordial, shaking itself off like a muddy beast and demanding to be seen. So I have listened to you this day, I have sat in quiet contemplation/meditation, open to receiving what Spirit wills me to know and I am still in awe, knowing there is so very much more that is waiting to acquaint itself upon my board. Here is what has made itself known to me so far and I wish to share this with you on the eve of my canvas’ beginning.

I ‘hear’ the bones of all the women gone before me who have been destroyed because of who they were, what they represented and because they were light bearers for our great mother. They cry out to me from beyond time and space, their bony fingers seem to catch at my clothing as I try to pass, to go about my mundane daily life. They entreat me to stop and listen to their voices, to hear their stories of violence and injustice and also of their beauty, talents and creativity – cut off so short before the bloom really had a chance to blossom into the totality of the realized flowering. They scream to be heard – there is a palpable stream of female consciousness long buried in unmarked graves now pulsating with the power of our mother – low below the surface of the earth in so many unmarked graves, some merged into the sands of the deserts, some into the stones on the riverbanks, some in the dust of the tundras – listen, listen, listen they entreat.

Do not go blindly to your ends without being heard, stand up and speak your truth, stand up as one and make your mark, change the course of her story on this planet forever. Bring equality and justice finally to everyone – not just to women but to all who suffer and have no voice be they human or animal in form. This is why you have come here they croon to me, no greater purpose could you serve.

So this evening, I am exhausted in the emotion of this collective and grateful to have heard.”

And as Spririt always seems to do when one is immersed in its bidding, co-incidence (or tuning into the collective consciousness) occurs. So this morning, I happened upon this you tube video of Malala Youseif giving an address at the United Nations. She is the 16 year old Pakastani girl who was shot in the head last October by the Taliban for wanting an education. I was very moved listening to her and it reinforced what Spirit was saying to me – that now is the time for everyone to take a stand against inequality, violence and oppression.

May you be blessed with all love, all peace and all healing.


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